The Day of Sorrows

In the summer of 1174, the Mendari launch a coordinated attack on all six clan rulers and their families. Four out of the six attempts were foiled. The two that succeeded were devastatingly successful:


Clan Niras

Queen Isabelle died at the hands of an assassin in a tavern guest room on the outskirts of Glanmorden. Seren and Tomos were saved by Rodric, but sustained long-term physical and psychological damage. Tarek Grimbard is accused of treason and banished from Northern Tarania.


Clan Galgari

Lady Orla Galgari lost her life, along with her husband, Sean and their two sons, Ronan and Brian. The soul survivor was their youngest daughter, Sorcha.


Ages of Key Characters

  • Isabelle Niras (29)
  • Seren Niras (5)
  • Tomos Niras (1)
  • Tarek Grimard (32)
  • Rodric Shieldbane (35)
  • Sorcha Galgari (13)