The Story of Tarania

The Attack on Nabaya

The village of Nabaya is attacked.   Find out more by downloading your free copy of Grimbard.   Ages of Key Characters Tarek Grimbard (47) Runa (39) Dagan (11)

Massacre at the Mines of Belith

After Luis Ironfoot’s failed attempt to resolve the miner’s uprising, a disillusioned King Rodric turns to his brother-in-law, Kurzon, to crush the rebellion by any means. The Zirani chieftain sends in the Grey Cloaks and scores of miners are killed.   Ages of Key Characters Rodric Shieldbane (46) Luis Ironfoot..Read More

Zorana Taleni dies

Lady Zorana Taleni is found dead in suspicious circumstances.   Ages of Key Characters Zorana Taleni (41) Aedan Taleni (48) Yanna Taleni (19) Amira Taleni (12)

Yanna shows Amira her secret journal

When Amira asks about the Children of Enora, Yanna reveals to her a dangerous theory that goes against the teachings of the Communion.   Ages of Key Characters Yanna Taleni (17) Amira Taleni (10)

Dagan is born

Runa and Tarek have a son. They call him Dagan.   Ages of Key Characters Tarek Grimbard (36) Runa (28)

Tarek and Runa are married

After escaping the attack on the farm, Tarek marries Runa and settles in Nabaya close to the border between The Wildlands and Taleni.   Ages of Key Characters Tarek Grimbard (35) Runa (27)

The Day of Sorrows

In the summer of 1174, the Mendari launch a coordinated attack on all six clan rulers and their families. Four out of the six attempts were foiled. The two that succeeded were devastatingly successful:   Clan Niras Queen Isabelle died at the hands of an assassin in a tavern guest..Read More