The Story of Tarania

Amira Taleni is born

Aedan and Zorana Taleni have their second child. They call her Amira.   Ages of Key Characters Aedan Taleni (36) Zorana Taleni (29)

Rodric and Isabelle Zirani are married

To strengthen the ties between Nirasia and the richest and most influential clan, the Zirani, Rodric marries Lady Isabelle Zirani.  By marrying Rodric, Isabelle relinquished her title of chieftain to become queen of Northern Tarania. Her younger brother, Kurzon, replaced her as chieftain.   After the ceremony, Rodric moves his..Read More

The End of the Mendari War

Rodric accepts the surrender of the remaining Mendari tribes and returns to Northern Tarania victorious.   Age of Key Characters Rodric Shieldbane (27) Luis Ironfoot (26) Tarek Grimbard (24) Aedan Taleni (32) Kurzon Zirani (14) Manon Ovantae (18) Kilien Belgar (28)

Yanna Taleni is born

Zorana Taleni gives birth to her first child, Yanna, while staying in Kelaris, as Aedan fights the Mendari in the south.   Ages of Key Characters Aedan Taleni (29) Zorana Taleni (22)

King Rodric Shieldbane'd Breastplate Tarania Grimbard Christopher Clargo

Rodric becomes King of Northern Tarania

After two years of negotiations, Rodric claims the monarchy of Northern Tarania—a position that has only been claimed by a handful of men and women over the past one thousand years.   Age of Key Characters Rodric Shieldbane (24)