The Story of Tarania

Aedan Taleni and Zorana of Kelaris are Married

The marriage was an attempt by Aedan Taleni to ally with Vasska the Shrewd (Zorana’s father), to reduce the frequency of Mendari warbands crossing the Taleni border to raid the southern settlements. They return to Vedana.   Ages of Key Characters Aedan Taleni (26) Zorana Taleni (19) Vasska the Shrewd..Read More

Treharne Attacked

Banan the Giant and his Mendari warband attack Treharne. Tarek, Luis and Rodric are rescued by Lord Govannon’s warriors and taken to Hythe Hillfort but Eleri perishes in a house fire during the raid. Ages of Key Characters Tarek Grimbard (13) Luis Ironfoot (15) Rodric Shieldbane (16) Eleri (9)