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Abergaron is the principal town of the Ovantae Clan. It is situated on the northeast coast of Northern Tarania, where the River Anree flows into the Endless Sea. As well as an established fishing industry, Abergaron is also known for its university and military academy.… Read More »Abergaron


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Aderyn (Ad-er-rin) is the adopted sister of Kaine and is the only member of the First who is not a scion of Velak’s original warband. Like all her comrades, Aderyn learned her skills at the Sept of Shadows and proved to be second only to… Read More »Aderyn

Aedan Taleni

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Lord Aedan (ay-dan) Taleni is the chieftain of the Taleni clan. In 1160, he married Zorana of Kelaris and went on to have two children: Yanna and Amira. Unfortunately, Zorana died in 1182 under suspicious circumstances.

Alun Swordstorm

Alun Swordstorm is the Champion of Taleni and is considered to be one of the greatest warriors of Northern Tarania. He, and his close friend, Tarek Grimbard, were presented with spectacular armour and weapons by King Rodric after the Mendari War for their unmatched bravery… Read More »Alun Swordstorm


Alvar is one of the Scions of the First. He grew up as an orphan in the slums of Gol Zaram until Kaine discovered him and sent him to the Sept of Shadows to learn his deadly trade. Although not as tall as Banan or… Read More »Alvar


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The town of Amaryth is situated at the centre of The Unified Tribes of Mendaria. Up until Kaine’s violent subugation of the Mendari tribes, Amaryth withstood many attempts by its neighbouring tribes to invade it. It’s success was mainly attributed to the martial arts of… Read More »Amaryth

Amira Taleni

Amira (Am-eera) Taleni is the youngest daughter of Lord Aedan Taleni. Unlike the other clan chieftains, Aedan chose not to instruct his daughters in the ways of a warrior, instead guiding them towards academic study and courtly pursuits. Amira is an exceptional student, with a… Read More »Amira Taleni

Anree Valley

Found in the northwest corner of Northern Tarania, the Anree Valley slices diagonally through the mountainous land of the Ovantae Clan. Famous for its abundance of salmon, the River Anree reaches the Endless Sea at Abergaron, the capital settlement of the Ovantae.


An archwarden is the most senior official of the Communion responsible for a Clan. They are second only to the Grand Archwarden, who is the spiritual leader of the Enorian religion. Their main function is to provide spiritual guidance to the chieftain, but this role… Read More »Archwarden

Armour of the First

The Armour of the First is the mythical armour that Velak and his warband of god-like warriors wore during the war with the Hen Rai. Known only through the stories of the bards and a handful of passages from the Book of Enora, the armour… Read More »Armour of the First