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The Bwgan is a legendary creature (Northern Taranian folklore) that emerges out of the shadows of the forest to steal children from their beds. It is one of many creatures that are believed to live in the Netherplain. One famous poem says:

“A creature as old as the ancient Hen Rai,
Its home is the forest, in slumber it lies.

It waits for a movement, a scent or a sound,
Then out of the forest, the Bwgan crawls out.

As silent as a tomb, it nears its prey,
All tucked up in bed, sleeping they lay.

Then out of the shadows, it stretches its limbs,
Slithering and shimmering on the ground they skim.

It worms through windows, chimneys and doors,
Slipping past those it knows to ignore.

Until a child it finds, that brings it delight,
And steals them away, in the black of the night”