Gaius Galerius

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Tribune Gaius Galerius was Velak’s second-in-command during the war against the Hen Rai. However, an encounter with a young Taranian woman would turn his life upside down. The woman was Enora. She chose to face survival in the wilds than surrender to the First. Galerius was tasked with tracking down Taranian fugitives. Hot on the trail of a fleeing Taranian, he quickly discovered he was the one being hunted. For Enora had learned to hide from the ‘all-seeing’ First and lured Galerius into a trap. However, instead of killing him, Enora could see that Galerius was a tortured soul and realised that there was goodness buried deep within him. Over time, she helped Galerius to come to terms with his bloody past and gave him a new purpose—to free her people and defeat Velak.