Isabelle Niras, Queen

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Before marrying Rodric, Isabelle Niras was chieftain of the Zirani clan. Despite her inexperience, Isabelle ruled the Zirani with great wisdom. The Zirani clan were the most devoted of all the clans to the goddess, but Isabelle questioned many of the policies of the Communion—especially that of the caste system. After marrying Rodric, Queen Isabelle convinced the king to propose a range of reforms that would end the caste system or at the very least bring greater parity between them. Although opposed by the Communion and her Zirani family, she worked tirelessly lobbying the other chieftains until she was allowed to address the Council of Clans. Tragically, Queen Isabelle Niras was assassinated on the eve of the meeting. Her two children were also attacked but were saved by their father.