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A nemeton is an Enorian sacred place. It comes in many forms, including a grove, a lake and a stone shrine. The largest and most sacred of all nemetons is the Great Nemeton of Tremadon located on the shores of Lake Tolos. Built around the site of Enora and Galerius’ last moments together, the Great Nemeton receives hundreds of pilgrims every day. On the outside, a large wooden palisade separates the lower castes from the skilled and farming castes. There are also many merchants selling food, drink and various religious souvenirs to pilgrims. Further inside, protected by a solid stone wall, is a place of worship reserved for clansguard and priests. Then, within that, is the holiest of areas where only nobility and senior priests of the Communion may visit. However, there are rumours that underneath the Great Nemeton is a network of subterranean passages that only the most senior members of the Communion may visit.