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Rask is a member of the Scions of the First. A proud Gol Stolrem warrior, he and his kin ferociously opposed the advancing Zirani clansguard during the Mendari War. No quarter was given on either side. Eventually, the superior discipline of the Enorian army broke Mendari resolve. The Zirani, taken by the Red Mist, tore through the city, executing any Mendari they found. Rask witnessed his father’s beheading by a Zirani Named warrior, but was saved from the same fate when General Luis Ironfoot put a stop to the mass killing. Ever since that moment, he has vowed to inflict pain and death on any Enorian he comes across. Before delivering death, Rask flays a section of tattooed skin off a clansguard’s body and adds it to his book of skins.