Rodric Shieldbane, King

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Rodric Shieldbane grew up in the small village of Treharne with his mother, father and younger sister, Eleri. His idyllic family life was destroyed when the Mendari raided Treharne. After witnessing the death of his father and mother, Rodric tried to save his sister from their burning roundhouse but failed. Rescued by Govannon’s warriors, he and two other survivors (Tarek Grimbard and Luis Ironfoot) were accepted as novices in the Chieftain of Niras’ clansguard. After building a name for himself as a charismatic leader and skilled warrior, Govannon tried to have Rodric and his friends killed. He survived the assassination attempt and overthrew Govannon. Soon after, he managed to unite the six clans of Northern Tarania and take the fight to the Mendari. After accepting the Mendari surrender he returned north and began to build his kingdom. He married Lady Isabelle Niras and became the father of two children: Princess Seren and Price Tomos. In 1174, Isabelle was assassinated during the Day of Sorrows. The event plunged Rodric into a deep depression that lasted for almost a decade. Although Rodric found his way back from despair, he struggles to open up to his children about their mother. He blames Tarek Grimbard for betraying the queen for Mendari coin.