Tarek Grimbard

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Tarek Grimbard grew up in the village of Treharne. After the massacre, he joined Govannon’s clansguard and quickly became the most feared warrior in Nirasia. Where others lost their minds to the Red Mist, Tarek found he could bend his dark companion to his will. It was as if the world around him slowed, yet he was able to move faster and predict his opponent’s next move. Rodric honoured Tarek with his warrior name, Grimbard, and made him his champion. He was further honoured after the Mendari War by receiving a gift of exceptional armour as well as his legendary sword, Red Mist. However, Tarek’s love of drinking, gambling and women is said to have made him vulnerable to Mendari bribery. After Queen Isabelle’s death, Tarek was found in bed with two prostitutes and a bag full of Mendari gold. Rodric banished him from Northern Tarania. Leaving his old life behind, Tarek found love with a Mendari woman called Runa. They now live in the town of Nabaya and have a son whose name is Dagan.