Vasska the Shrewd

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Although Vasska now prefers to find peaceful ways to get his way, his standing warband is second only to the Named of Northern Tarania in skill and courage. His rivals in the neighbouring Wildland fortresses know this and avoid trouble with a man whose bloody reputation is a match for that of Tarek Grimbard’s. His epithet is well-earned as Vasska is known to shift his allegiances at the most opportune moment for his benefit. This is demonstrated in 1160, when he sealed a treaty with Aedan Taleni by offering his daughter, Zorana, to become the chieftain’s wife. While this act was criticised by Banan and the other Mendari tribal leaders, none dared to oppose Vasska militarily. He has never recovered from Zorana’s death. His granddaughters, Yanna and Amira, are his only source of comfort.