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Velak is the god of the Mendari. He descended from the Void a thousand years ago with his warband known as the First. Feigning a message of peace, he deceived the elders of Tarania. As it says in the song:

Far in the past, when the world was young,

The gods came down from the Void above.

They spun their lies, and they promised us hope,

Of a home in heaven, with lives full of love.


While he seduced them with false promises of travelling the Void, the First hunted the young. They enslaved them and carried them off to their chariots. When the elders realised what was happening and tried to resist, Velak slaughtered all of them. The Book of Enora says that Velak was eventually defeated and killed by the goddess during the final battle. However, the Mendari believe his spirit endured.